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Culture Gala


Culture Gala


Come, taste and engage

as a beautifully diverse people rich in culture and connectedness

Friday, May 19, 2017


Sky Armory, Syracuse

Cocktail Attire - 5-Course Multicultural Dinner - Complimentary Cocktail & Wine Pairings

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Bart & Marge Pipes

Eun & Kyu Lee

Josh & Erika Schultz

Wellwood Middle School

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The Menu

The Menu

Appetizer Course: Tastes of New Americans of the Past (Italy, Germany, Ireland, Japan)

paired with the complimentary Signature Cocktail Ellis Island Manhattan

Course 2: Haleem (Pakistan)

Course 3: Fufu, Cassava Leaves and Chicken (Congo)

Course 4: Biriyani (Iraq)

courses 2, 3 and 4 complimented by wine and beer pairings

Dessert Course: Dessert Table (Classic American)

Have dietary restrictions? Let us know in advance by clicking here.

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Home, My Home

Cultural immersion in the homes of Bhutan, Syria and somalia

In Their Eyes

A photo exhibit highlighting images from refugee crisis of the world

featuring the photography of foreign press photojournalist Scoop Anthony


display of HOPEPRINT kids projects

demonstrating the learning and growth experienced this year by Hopeprint Kids iCAN participants

The Blood in My Veins

hands on project

a chance for each guest to identify their personal ethnic heritage





Cultural Performances

This year, all of the cultural performances will be shared as a melody at the start of the main event, including the following highlights

Libby Howe (soloist) and the Hopeprint Choir

Jamie Ashbaugh, Light of the World Ballet

Drum Circle facilitated by Wacheva 

Ethnic Dance Melody

... and more